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Guildford Rugby Football Club


Upgrade to members cards and the EPOS system

Why are we doing it?
We have suffered some reliability issues with the existing system, and it has been difficult to align the cards with current memberships

Will it cost the club more money?
The new system will cost the same as the existing one and will be associated with a new credit card processor which will save us money

How will it affect my membership card?

  • The existing members cards will be applied to the new system and all balances transferred; no new cards are necessary.
  • Members’ discounts will only be available for purchases made from funds held on their card account. It will not be possible to process the discount for purchases made by cash, debit or credit card.
  • It will be possible to top up card balances remotely from a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer as Top Ups will be a facility in GMS. Although it will be possible to process top ups at the tills, we would like individual members to avoid this at peak times to minimise waiting times for members as a whole

Memberships will need to be up to date
Parents of Youth members are requested to ensure they have their membership on GMS because without a current GMS membership (at least the free parent membership) the members card will not function.

The new system will go live on 5th January 2019 and the card system will only provide discounts for members whose subs are current for this season.

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