Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Brenda Roper
  • Safeguarding (U7)
Katy Parker
  • Head Coach (U7)

Junior Development Programme

Guildford U7

Our aims are to help your children learn and enjoy rugby in a fun environment We feel our children are equally important and ensure they are all learning to love rugby. As well as regular fun training sessions we playing against other clubs at matches & tournaments on a regular basis.

Want to come and TRY it out, then come and join us on a Sunday morning for a Free Session.

We have approx 40 kids training in our age group and would love to add to that. Come and join a friendly group dedicated to enjoying the game of rugby and learning new skills.

Training takes place each Sunday between 9-10. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure your child’s name is ticked off on the register, you have written a name label to help the coaches and you have helped your child to put on a tag belt if the coaches have asked for these to go on.

Looking after your child
As the weather gets cooler please ensure the children wear layers and bring a snack and drink to keep their energies up. There is typically a break at some time during training to have a drink but please look after your child and give them drinks or snacks at any time if they are asking for them. Better to keep their energies up than have them “hangry”.

Please remember to keep with you any medication your child may need such as inhalers or epi-pens. Even if their condition is only mild it is always better to have than not. Please also make your First Aid Team and/or your Team Admin aware of any medical conditions.



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