Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Brenda Roper
  • Safeguarding (2nd XV)
Simon Coles
  • Coach (2nd XV)
Tom Williams
  • Head Coach (2nd XV)
Gerry Hill
  • Admin (2nd XV)
  • Coach (2nd XV)
Francoise Rankin
  • Admin (2nd XV)
Ollie Bancroft
  • Fixtures (2nd XV)



League Table

# Team Pl HW HD HL AW AD AL W D L For Against Diff Pts Adj

Guildford 2nd XV

We are back!!

Preseason training is now on

Tuesday and Thursday PM

Saturday AM

Contact Tom Williams for times


1. Mask
2. Hand Sanitiser 70%
3. Water Bottle
4. Paper Towels / disposable wipes

Please do not share kit/water bottles/face masks/wipes/etc…


Player Roles

Team Captain – Danny Windle

Vice Captains – Tom Roaf and Matt Rowlandson

Harry Phillips
Alex Maguire
Matt Trott
Jon Karimian
Howard Duffy
Freddie Blagdon
Chris Beer
Greg Holt
Dan Wallis
Josh Roux De Bouisson
Rob Mitchell
Matt Rowlandson
Ieuen Jones
Alex Vaughn
Morgan Holden
Rory Andrews
Charlie Williams
Joe Wilderspin
Sam Purvis
Colum Jordan
Glyn Hogsden
Chris Swann
Cam Appel
Josh King
Christian King
Ben King
Noah Naslund
Ross Brooker
Kirsten Jones
James Denning
Alex Mackie
Harry Batt
Nickie Power
Cam Thomas
Ravi Munasinghe
Simon Godber
Pierre Goodwin



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