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Six Nations 2020 Tickets!

Ticket Ballot / Application for Six Nations Championship 2020
Dear Members,
England have two international 6 Nations matches at Twickenham

England v Ireland
Sunday 23th February
Dublin K.O. 3:00 pm

England v Wales
Saturday 7th March
Twickenham K.O. 4:45 pm

Away fixtures
France v England
Sunday 2nd February
Paris K.O. 3:00 pm
Scotland v England
Saturday 8th February
Edinburgh K.O. ​4:45pm
Italy v England
Saturday 14th March
Rome K.O. 4:45 pm


You are invited to apply for tickets, but first please read these notes carefully.

The Ireland & Wales games are limited to two tickets per member

Price per ticket is on the application form which includes an administration fee of £10:00p per ticket allocated. We will refund any difference if lower price tickets are allocated. If you have a preference for a particular match please mark the form accordingly, also please state if you would accept a single ticket.

The RFU have a criteria for club ticket allocation which may impact on the number of tickets GRFC receive. Tickets for matches will only be allocated to eligible members whose subscriptions are up to date. If you are not fully paid up, or are in doubt, please check with the membership Sec. of GRFC.

We have been warned by the RFU that tickets that end up in the hands of touts and unauthorised hospitality organisations will lose clubs their allocation. England tickets are in very short supply already, please do not make a chronic over demand for England tickets even worse. Consequently we record all seat numbers, which not only facilitates replacement (home matches only) in the event of loss, but also enables us and the RFU to trace tickets.

The club usually only receives a very small allocation for each away game; indicate should you wish to enter the club ballot for these games. Send no money for these tickets until requested.

Completed applications and cheques, payable to Broadwater Sports Club Limited, from eligible members must reach me by not later than 8st October 2019 accompanied by stamped self-addressed envelope. Yours sincerely

Peter Thornhill
Ticket Secretary PS.

Please do not use social media network sites like Facebook & Twitter to place photographs of your match tickets. Unfortunately this has resulted in a number of tickets being subsequently copied and advertised illegally for sale by 3rd parties on unofficial online sites like StubHub & Gumtree; this will ensure that our club does not unknowingly contravene the Ticket Application Conditions, which could in turn result in a sanction being placed on the club and a possible reduction of match tickets allocated to GRFC.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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