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New Club Clothing Partner

We are delighted to announce after a comprehensive selection process, GRFC has appointed a new Club wide, sole kit and leisure clothing partner.

We invited numerous sports companies to tender, with the shortlist nominees visiting and presenting their ranges. All were scored on a matrix criterion, where upon the highest scoring, Raging Bull, was selected. Our objective was to find the best quality, kit at a sensible price from a reliable supplier and to achieve club wide uniformity. Additionally, we want to offer attractive off-field leisure, fashion and supporter clothing. Going forward we now have a Partner who can fully meet the needs and ambitions of the entire club.

Why did we need to change our current supplier?

We recognise that changing supplier regularly is not desirable, which is why GRFC stayed with the last supplier for four years. Whilst we have been pleased with the quality of the product, the inconsistent service and poor delivery times presented challenges. One of the unwelcome consequences of this has meant individual teams, year groups and coaches by-passing the approved supplier and engaging directly with 3rd party vendors. This has led to an undesirable loss of club identity and a fragmented mix of kit, colours, and brands.

When can I buy the new GRFC Raging Bull Kit?

Over the next few weeks we are finalising stock options and designs with Raging Bull. Once completed we expect some ranges will be available from late April 2018, although it will take some time for the full range to be selected, ordered and into stock. We plan to have an official ‘Launch’ prior to new season, and over the summer we will run sizing sessions to enable you to try, select, pre-order and by. [Sizing samples will be available in the new Club shop].

Can I order online?
We envisage offering an online ordering facility to collect via the club shop.

Do I have to buy the Raging Bull playing kit straight away?

No. The Club’s kit policy is that all players wear a GRFC shirt for training. We recognize that buying new playing shirts & kit can be expensive. We are looking to keep the price of official GRFC shirts as low as possible, and to facilitate the changeover to Raging Bull older shirts may continue to be worn for training days, until new ones are required. Club Shorts will be available for sale with the club logo. If members wish to use plain navy-blue rugby shorts they are welcome to do so. We encourage Youth, Colts and Senior Teams to wear the new club shorts and socks for competitive matches. We realise that people may also have older GRFC contact tops, jumper’s jackets etc from previous seasons again these can continue to be worn as desired. Club Training Shirt/Club Shorts/Club Socks

Will other kit such as jackets, drill tops, tracksuit bottoms, etc. be available?

Yes. Raging Bull offer an extensive range of off training kit and supplementary leisure wear, including Vests, T-Shirts, Polos, Shirts, Jumpers, Hoodies, Gilets, Jackets, Coats, Gym Shorts, Track-pants, Coats as well as additional training tops, subs coats etc. All of which will be available through the official GRFC Shop. How will I know what size to buy? The GRFC shop team will be happy to help you and will have sizing samples available to try.

Can we purchase Tour Kit & 7’s kit from 3rd Party suppliers?

No. We have signed a legally binding sole-supplier contract with Raging Bull. If you tour or play representing GRFC you are an ambassador for the club and must wear GRFC approved kit. All Coach’s, Team Managers or Tour Organisers are respectfully asked to be responsible for adhering to club rules and being brand custodians. Raging Bull have dedicated account managers who can ensure your Team and Coach’s, Parents and Supporters will be well turned out, for any UK or Overseas Tour and 7’s tournaments and festivals. Details of ordering process will be made available as and when required or visit the GRFC shop for further help.

GRFC Chairman Director of Rugby

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