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Our Club taking care of Our Community

Good evening to all of you, I hope you and your families are healthy and managing under the circumstances.

Since my previous mail and the one from Joe Kelly, I’ve received a huge amount of contact from our membership with ideas on how we can raise funds, help each other and things we should be doing as a Club. It’s great to see such energy and positivity from people, even as the situation continues to deteriorate. I thought it would be worth addressing some of the points that have been raised to keep you all aware of our thinking and give you an idea of how we will be proceeding.

Our first priority is to secure our Community. To that end, I’d like to ask you to help us identify those in need. This includes anyone in the local area – not just our members – that may benefit from our help. We are a Community Club and we should be behaving as such. We are severely restricted as to what we are able to do and should ensure offers to help cover both critical need and allow for social distancing. However, we can help with shopping, walking pets, picking up prescriptions, delivering prepared meals or simply making phone calls to ensure people are Ok. If anyone needs support, please do reach out and discuss with First Team Captain Matt Poole, Chris Beer or Myself. We will see what we can do. Our contacts details are at the bottom of this note.

Our former Physio Rob Butler is offering to perform Coronavirus consultations via Facetime in order to provide some advice, settle concerns and perhaps avoid an unnecessary (and potentially hazardous) trip to A&E. Rob’s number is at the bottom of the mail as well and I know he’s already publicising this service on social media. Whilst Rob is doing this free of charge, I’ve asked him to set up a GoFundMe page. If Rob helps you, perhaps you could buy him a virtual pint in return. Ping him for details.

After securing our Community, we need to secure the Club. Joe, Duncan, Jason, Nick and Liz Lowndes are working hard to determine the nature of the challenge we face and how best to approach it. I’ve seen a number of great ideas, from revitalising the 500 Club to selling off the remaining beer at the Club! The team will come back to your shortly on this. All the ideas we have received are very welcome and are being considered. In general we need to draw a distinction between raising new funds, such as a donation, and borrowing from the future, such as selling tickets for the next City Lunch. In general, we want to focus on the former and ensure we’re tackling our area of greatest need. I know¬† a lot of you are seeing appeals on social media and in other places from other Clubs. Please be patient with us, we will come back to you shortly. For now, let’s focus on each other.



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