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Lockdown Heroes Update – the latest …………

Minis had been hoping to run Pre-Season August Saturday training for children but with the RFU still at Stage B and so much talk in the news about trade-offs to make sure schools can re-open, they decided with heavy hearts to delay.

We continue to monitor the situation, taking our advice from Surrey Rugby and weighing up other activities that families will be trying to catch up on. We are conscious, for example, that many want to make-up time with grandparents whilst for others, there will be a disrupted cricket season to contend with. Steering clear of anything that could affect school is our overall highest priority, but we will update through August on plans to start the new rugby season as and when the official first weekend draws closer.

In the meantime, Dan TP, Rob NS, Simon and Magdalena Foulkes (U6) and Katy Reeves (Micros) busily finished-up their road trips last week and heard happy tales of other sporting endeavours. As our own game may be set for a pause, it’s good to know that with the sun shining, our youngsters have stayed fit and well.

Good Luck to all the children of our club – we have our fingers crossed for a happy, healthy summer and a successful return to the classroom in September. We look forward to seeing you (and more of your wonderful baking !! ) here at GRFC in better days to come.

From all the Minis Management Team.

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