Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club

Under 10s JDP

Player Development Pathway

Age Group: U10s

LTAD Stage: Learn to Train

Train/Match: 70:30

Window of Optimal Trainability (Focus of athletic training)

SKILLS. Learn fundamental rugby skills, continue with ABCs.
SPEED & Endurance
STRENGTH – Only using body weight

Overall coaching approach

Safety (Tackling still relatively new skill)
Keep it Fun!
Focus on learning new skills, use various games.
Keep it concise & positive (SPF)
Coach through questions / make them think!
Keep them active (Max 30 seconds listening time only)
Concentrate on Skills development, especially newly introduced skills through breakouts from ongoing games.
SAFETY – Continue to Develop correct/safe tackle technique which still requires a great deal of coaching looking for head on the correct side, ring of steel and tower of power.
Players to run with the ball two hands (good habit to get into) and evade defenders and be creative. Even more team work.

Player Capacities
(Consolidate and develop previous age skills)


Consolidate & Develop Individual skills / Intro to new skills / cont. Develop tackling (Key element / safety)
  • Swerve and dodge / avoid contact
  • Side step off both feet
  • Always go forward at space
Handling skills
  • Lateral Pass – both hands 5-8 meters
  • Decision making (2v1 & 3v2)
  • Pick & Pass and Sweep Pass
Contact Skills
  • Develop confident tackling (Front & Side) – SAFELY
  • Introduce covering tackling (from behind) – SAFELY
  • Falling and placing the ball – long and jack knife presentations
  • Pop up pass from ground.
  • Getting back on your feet – re-join game – BOUNCE
  • Introduction to offloads
Maul *(Priority over Ruck, as players rarely taken to ground by initial tackle at this age)
  • New Skill (3-4 players only).
  • Ball carrier – Stability & Ball presentation
  • Link Player – Body position (Tower of power), secure and deliver ball.
  • Defender – secure ball & player by wrapping ball carrier’s arms and ball
  • New Skill (3 players only).
  • Ball carrier – to ground, then present or pass ball immediately.
  • Support player – secure ball or ruck over. (Tower of power),
  • Tackler – release, regain feet & contest.
  • Uncontested. 3 nearest players (all should participate, subject to safety)
  • Tower of power
Backline attack
  • Re-alignment (attack and defence)
  • Support running & passing
  • Look for space


Laws / Ethics
  • Knowledge of Mini laws (especially new elements)
  • Pass backwards / Offside / Scoring (Players may dive to score)
  • Play full tackle games
  • Possession – work as unit to source possession
  • Continuity – maintain possession / Communication (encourage verbal skills)
  • Decision making – allow them to explore various game scenarios and their outcomes
  • Vision – Create/be aware of space and how to use it.
  • Formation – Different types of attack / defence formations based on what player sees.



Awareness of body space

Balance – Static & dynamic

Co-ordination and manipulation

Speed, Power & Endurance



Focus and concentration


Positive response to discipline & structure (Particularly important given introduction of TACKLING and new skills)

Self control, balancing personal needs / wants with others

Self expression



Law variations - Under 10s

Players per side: 8

Max pitch size: 60 x 35

Minutes per half: 15

Max game time per day: 60

Additional variations: 60

Coaching tips: Referee & coach with more intervention, especially around recently introduced elements (Safety)