Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Current Economic Climate

We as a Committee appreciate that in the current economic climate some people may be experiencing some financial hardship, if not now perhaps in the foreseeable future. We are aware that this may bring on implications to the club such as reduced membership subscriptions and reduced takings across the bar, and overall reduction in cash flow. The Members are the most important things at the club and we don’t want to lose anyone, but we also don’t want to lose the club! So by acting now and being proactive we can survive this together.
So what can you do to help?

  • Volunteer your services, perhaps offer to help around the clubhouse and grounds, for instance painting and decorating, or helping out behind the bar, to ease the financial burden on the club.
  • Do you know local businesses that could provide services to the club in return for publicity or other payment in kind?
  • If you have any cost saving ideas for the club to use – then please let us know.
  • If you can afford it then please ensure that your subs etc are paid on time.
  • Support your club by using the facilities i.e. the bar!
  • If you do find yourself in difficulties, please talk to your team manager or Membership Secretary in the first instance – they may be able to help, if not they can escalate it to the Club Secretary, and please don’t alienate yourself from the Club
  • just because you can’t afford a month’s subscription. But what are the Committee doing to help? (Apart from the above also!)
  • Reviewing current expenditure and potential cost saving projects
  • Financial Report is discussed at the monthly Committee meeting
  • Prepared to look at ways to assist those members in financial difficulty (Every month a small section of the Committee are able to discuss on a case by case basis any alternatives or assistance)
  • Reviewing current Sponsorships and financial commitments to ensure robust cash flow Therefore if you are having difficulty for instance managing to pay your subscriptions or even afford a new pair of boots, then please talk to one of the Committee, on a purely confidential basis. Likewise if you have any ideas or services that you can provide then please let us know.

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