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We are here to help – but we need you too

Over this last week, all our our lives have changed drastically for the foreseeable future.  What everyday life was a few weeks ago seems like a lifetime ago.

I’m sure our concentrations have been to keep our families safe, children sorted at home with a new schooling regimen, dealing with how we can work from home, and unfortunately many who can’t work at all.

Times are tough for all.

Skippy has reached out to many to discuss how we can come together as a community to volunteer and help those in need, and we will continue to look at ways to do this.

Please reach out to us if anyone is in need and we will do our best to help.

Unfortunately as for the Club:

In my last Letter, I had explained the drastic financial position the CoronaVirus situation has put on the Club.

The Board has taken steps to cut all operations and bring expenses to a minimum.  A task that is ongoing and continues to be monitored.

My concern since my last letter was to make sure I essentially left all Members alone to take care of their loved ones and their lives as the obvious priority.  We also wanted to get word out to all that we are here to help in anyway we can, and Skippy has started that communication.

Now, unfortunately I need to ask those of us who can to help your Club.

The situation consists of a monthly burn rate just to keep the Club in existence.  We have always looked at this figure to be roughly 250k a year just to “turn the lights on”.

That figure is higher when fully operational.

It will also be lower with the steps we have taken to take expenses to a minimum.

In addition, because of the timing of the situation, all of our events, which are vibrant during this time of year and which support the expenses throughout season, are non existent.

We also have debt payments every year now from when the Clubhouse was built long ago that are over 50k annually.

So, when you add it all up, it’s significant.

It’s difficult to come to an exact number for many reasons.  Yes, we know what the loan amounts are, rent, utilities, etc.   But there are many factors that are unknown.

First, we don’t know how long this will go one. Once it’s over, we don’t know how quickly Events will come back.

We also don’t know how costly it will be to reopen and become operational again.  For example, what the grounds will be like and what it will take to get them playable, restocking all the food and beverages, etc.

We are actively looking at different options the government or RFU may provide such as Grants, Loans etc. the execution detail for which is largely not yet available.

But, what I do know is that with all the above said, No matter what the outcome is, the financial hole is significant.

So, now I need to ask for everyone’s help.

Liz and team have set up a JustGiving page.  This is the easiest way to donate and help your Club.

You can easily donate on the Just Giving page

Alternatively anyone who prefers/wants to donate directly can do so by BACS as below, if you are a UK tax payer and would like to ‘gift aid’ your donation, please complete the attached form and email it to Liz Lowndes

Lloyds Bank

Broadwater Sports Club Ltd.

Account:  23173668

Sort Code:  30-93-49

Ref.; Donation/Name or ‘Anonymous’ if preferred

Cheques can be made payable to Broadwater Sports Club Ltd. and posted to;

The Pavilion, Guildford Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3DH, or to

Liz Lowndes; 3 Coppice Place, Wormley, Surrey GU8 5TY. 

Once the government and RFU options are clear, we will know more of what is available to us and will then come back with more options for Members to help

Personally, I have already donated another 5k in March to help, so please, I ask all Members to join me and help donate in anyway you can.

If anyone wants to talk about a sponsorship or larger donation, please reach out to me directly and I would welcome any thoughts.

I thank all in advance for your well needed generosity!!

This is a difficult time for all.  But the most difficult times in life is when you also see the best in people.  People come together as a community and lend a helping hand in anyway they can.  Sometimes that’s just a word of encouragement, simple nice gesture, and sometimes it’s something that can help change someone’s life.

Guildford Rugby Club is a community. It’s also a family.  We will all help each other.  We will all come together.   And we will all come out of this stronger!!

My prayers are with you and your families

God Bless


Our Sponsors and Supporters