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Gym Usage Policy

Approved by GRFC Management Board on 23 November 2015 Introduction This policy is designed to promote, protect and regulate the use of the club gym and its facilities.

Gym Equipment The gym consists of the following equipment: (Note: Exact equipment may vary)

1. Dumbbells 10kg – 30kg in 2 1/2 kg increments

2. Lat Pull Down Machine

3. Standard straight bars and plates 1kg – 20kg

4. Shoulder Press Machine

5. Vertical Cable Machine

6. Crossover Cable Machine

7. Olympic straight bars and plates 2 1/2kg – 20kg

8. Bench Press

9. Squat cage

10. Olympic straight bar & EZ bar with plates 2 1/2kg – 20kg

11. Squat cage

12. Shoulder Press Seat

13. Water Rowing Machine

14. Roman Chair

Who can use the Gym?

The gym is available solely for use by the following:

Gym Members of the Club

The personal clients of the gym manager

For an introductory period until June 2016 all adult playing members, social members and vice president members will be granted free Gym membership.

Any individual who uses the gym does so voluntarily and at the individual’s own risk Guildford Rugby Club will not be liable for any injury sustained by any person as a result of using the gym equipment.

No-one is permitted to use the gym unless they have attended a safety induction and the instructor has verified that they may use the equipment.

Induction for users

All users of the gym must attend an induction session from a qualified instructor before using the gym.

The qualified instructors are: John Vincenzi (Gym Manager) telephone number: 07720 250599

email: [email protected]

Dave Ward (Head Coach) telephone email: [email protected]

Inductions may be arranged in small groups of no more than 7 people.

Before using the Gym Facility

• The Club advises that before participating in an exercise programme all users should have a thorough physical examination from a medical practitioner.

• Any person with a history of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or any degenerative joint or muscular disease should first obtain permission from their doctor.

• Do not eat a large meal or drink alcohol for at least 2 hours before exercise.

• Seek medical advice before using the equipment if you have a medical problem.

• Always ensure that your clothing and footwear are suitable and properly fitting.

• Avoid training alone. For your own safety, all users must ensure there is someone else present.

• Always warm up prior to exercise and cool down afterwards.

• Always warm up and stretch before exercise particularly before weight training. Gentle cardio work with a bike and stretching is excellent before starting on a weight training session or heavy lifting.

Use of the Gym

Use by a person on their own is not permitted

The gym is provided for the enjoyment of all who use it, irrespective of whether it is recreational for keeping fit, rehabilitation from injury, or as part of a training programme for an individual sport.

The gym is available for use at any time of the day and can be accessed via the access codes which will be given to Gym Members.

Once your workout has been completed the gym must be locked to prevent unauthorised access. Only users of the gym who have had an induction session will be permitted to use the gym.

Use of any gym equipment outside the gym is prohibited.

A basic first aid kit is provided. Please report all injuries to the Gym Manager Members found to have broken the gym rules will be excluded from use of the gym for a minimum period of 3 months.

Gym Etiquette

The gym should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Suitable trainers must be worn; Rugby/Football boots and /or muddy footwear are not allowed. Users are not allowed to train without suitable footwear, as this is a safety hazard when working with weights. All litter or drinking bottles/cartons should be placed in the waste bin provided. Be considerate of other users, especially at busy times. Please bring a towel to place over seats or benches and wipe down the upholstery after use. Always return weights after use and place all rubbish in the bin provided. Do not bring food or drink in the Gym, except water in appropriate plastic water bottles. Always leave the gym how you would like to find it.

Gym Safety Rules

There is a risk of injury when using (or misusing) weight training equipment. The following points should be observed:

• Inspect equipment before each use for loose, worn or frayed parts.

• Check that wire ropes are not frayed or kinked and that pulleys rotate freely.

• Report any problems with the equipment to the Gym Manager (Tel: ).

• Inform other gym users by placing one of the ‘Out of order’ signs provided on any equipment that is out of action.

• Space in the gym is limited. To avoid trip hazards, do not leave any personal belongings on the floor. Please use the coat hooks provided.

• Always lift and lower weights under control. Serious injury could result from lack of control, balance and form. Do not drop weights on the floor.

• Work with weight you can manage/handle.

• Do not continue training if you feel dizzy or unwell. Remember to breathe properly during exercise particularly when lifting weights.

• Do not tolerate horse-play around machinery and equipment.

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