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GRFC “playing up”

GRFC “playing up” rules for Minis – explanatory notes for parents.


At GRFC as well as encouraging enjoyment of the game of rugby, we take the development and the health & safety of our players seriously. We understand that each individual player develops their physical and mental abilities at different paces and can understand when players or parents feel individuals should be allowed to play with other age groups which appear to be more appropriate.

GRFC complies with the RFU regulations in respect of player age groups. The rules are very specific and full details can be found at:

As such, the below points should clarify the impact of these rules and the club’s commitment to supporting each player as an individual as well as ensuring fairness and consistency across all teams. 1. RFU Regulation15 – Playing up for Minis (effective from

1 August 2018) prevents players from playing outside of their age defined group other than for U7s moving to U8s. (See point 2 below).

2. U7s are allowed to play up with U8s with the following conditions:

  • Only as a last resort (see code of practice)
  • Noting that they will have to stay in U8s the following year, as they are not allowed to play-up (U8s to U9s)
  • They will not be playing with their current school friends.
  • A Level 2 appraisal process is required to be conducted to establish that the player’s capability justifies moving up to the next age group.
  • Formal written approval is obtained from the Safeguarding Officer and the Chair of Minis following the Level 2 appraisal results.

Further, it is the view of the club that even for experienced and physically advanced players, remaining in their relevant age bands is the best solution because:

1. Other children are likely to catch up quickly within own age group.

2. Keeping children back from U8s for a further year when they have been playing up and established with team players can be emotionally detrimental to the player.

3. It is good for player development and confidence to be the best in their group.

We would like to assure parents that the coaches in each age group look at individual player capabilities across the whole season and adapt as much as possible to focus on strengths and learning opportunities. This may involve different skills drills for different groups within a squad to ensure each player is challenged and gets the best from the session as well as looking to promote the different strengths required from team positions as players progress through the club. Individual player pathways are available for parents who wish to see what the coaches are looking to achieve across a season for each squad to help parents benchmark their own child. Please speak to your team admin if you would like to see what these goals are, although we ask parents to remember that these are general guidelines and not exact appraisals of individual player capabilities.

These are the agreed Club rules, laid out by your Safeguarding Officer.

If you require any further information please forward your enquiry to Alastair Kendall, Club Safeguarding Officer or your Team Administrator.

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