Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Chairman’s Letter No. 9

With Summer coming to an end, we finally have a New Rugby Season!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the Summer break and great weather with your families.
As always, we start with Rugby:
Since my last Letter,  we have completed pre-season with matches away at Worthing and Chichester and have played our first league game this past weekend.  It was a thrilling come-from-behind win at home against Chingford thanks to a penalty from the last kick of the game from one of our Australian twins, Kyle Brown.  Due to the very early start to the season, the squad actually played little rugby together before Saturday’s game, which included 8 first team debuts.  So it was great to come away with a win!!  In addition to Kyle, his brother Nick who scored twice, Courtney Raymond, Pete Hodgkinson, Andy Jones, Tom Jeffery (1 try) and Harry Kettle all pulled the shirt on for the first time.  Congratulations to them all!!
Also, our  2nd XV won last Saturday as well, as did the Gazelles on Sunday and Penny Burden’s U21s on Tuesday night, so as a club we’re unbeaten at the start of the season!!
Lastly, our new Club Captains Sarah Sanderson and Gerry Hill are getting their feet under the table, and are actively reaching out to all areas across the Club.
As I mentioned in my prior Letter, the Club was very active all off season.   Most of you saw some of these work accomplishments for the first time last weekend with the New Pitches added, new Parking, fully stocked Store and new outdoor Catering Truck.  For example, on Sunday the first mini’s training session saw the youngest age groups switch to club side pitches and parents were able for the first time to enjoy the new Scrumptious tea and coffee van on chairs and tables in the sunshine.
However, although some of this work is easily noticed by all, there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes that goes unnoticed.    For that, I would like to recognize and Thank all  the Board Members, staff, committee Members, Coaches, assistants and ALL volunteers of the Club for their huge commitment and amount of work this off-season to get everything ready, which has covered every area of the Club.
Additionally, I would like to Thank all of our Sponsors for their Support of our Club, and I would also like to welcome the return of Professor Mark Whiteley of Whiteley Clinics.  Mark and Whiteley Clinics have come back to Guildford Rugby Club and are our new Shirt Sponsor!!
Last weekend was just fantastic.  Not only with all our Wins, but the Clubhouse was absolutely buzzing!!  Saturday and Sunday saw a full house, so much so that the Club almost ran out of a fully stocked Cellar of Beer!!   The Guildford Shop is fully stocked with new Raging Bull kit and if you haven’t yet, please make sure you stop by to check it all out.
From the Treasurer’s Letter, you will all know that although we have made great strides in reducing the deficit, there is still a significant hole to fill.  So, Hopefully what we saw this last weekend at the Club will give us momentum and continues throughout the Season!!
Please come down and enjoy your Club!!
I look forward to seeing you all at the Club and please grab me to say Hi. 
As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
All the best

Our Sponsors and Supporters