Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Chairman’s Letter no. 16

Dear Members
I hope all are doing well and enjoyed a great Rugby Season at the Club!!
Before everyone gets into Summer Mode, I wanted to send a note regarding the Club finances and the upcoming Midsummer Masquerade Ball on June 21st.

As you know, Nick Taft sent a Treasurer’s Letter and Financials to all.  As with every year now, we walk into the year with a substantial deficit due to Loan repayments we now have from construction of the facility years ago.

As I have stated many times, it is Vital for the Club’s Future and sustainability that we build revenue streams to cover this debt and also secure the Club’s financial strength.
Over the past 1 1/2 years, we have worked to create these revenue streams to help cover these debts and the deficit the Club faces.   The Function and Bar room continue to grow and create more revenue for the Club.  With the new vendor cost out of the way from last year, the Store will now generate more profit.   These are both vital for the Club and I ask all Members to book any party that you, or your family and friends, might have and to also make sure you come into the Store and check out the vast selection it carries.

Additionally, every year, the Club faces a Significant Expense just to essentially turn the lights on and function.  We have been fortunate to have been given some large donations that have helped the Club survive and grow in areas across all Rugby.  However, these donations aren’t sustainable.  We need to become self-sufficient. 

Two areas where ALL MEMBERS can help are to attend Club Events and Fund Raisers, and also to get involved with Commercial. 
An area we need to improve is Commercial.  With the vast mix and reach our Club’s Members have, we should be doing better.   We will be meeting with every Chair to discuss in more detail, but we do need all  Members to help introduce or find potential New Sponsors.   Any Member that would like to Sponsor, wants to help or join the Commercial Committee, or knows any potential Sponsor, please reach out to Roy O’Brien, who is our Commercial Director.

The second area is Club Events.  Any Event or Fund Raiser the Club holds is to simply help secure the Club’s Future and make it sustainable.  These Events benefit ALL MEMBERS across the Club.  WE need every Chair, Coach, Parent and Player to support these Functions!!

The next function that ALL Members can support is the Midsummer Masquerade Ball on June 21st.   This is an important event for the Club to help repay its loans from the building construction years ago.  It is also a fun event and will be a blast for all. Right now, we have sold almost 100 tickets, but we want more!!

I ask all Coaches to invite your Player’s Parents to attend and I ask all Members to come and enjoy!!

I look forward to seeing all at the Ball on the 21st.

All the best


Our Sponsors and Supporters