Guildford Rugby Football Club
Guildford Rugby Football Club


Chairman’s Letter No. 11

Dear Members,

It is with sadness that I write this Letter to all to inform you that Tim Williams will be stepping down as President.

Although I got involved with the Club through my son playing Rugby, it was Tim who got me involved with supporting the Club, and eventually becoming Chairman.

Tim’s passion for Guildford Club is irreplaceable.  He could always be counted on to be there.  Every Saturday, he would be at every Game, home or away, always representing the Club.  Every Sunday he would be in the Clubhouse after training or away supporting the Gazelles.  Every event the Club had, he would attend and support.

Over his years at the Club, his involvement is extensive and goes well beyond any Board position.  City Lunches is just one of his accomplishments, and provides the largest Fund Raising event for the Club.  He was President of the VETS helping to reignite a now thriving section of the club and was instrumental in the introduction of Touch Tuesdays.   He served on many committees and lent a helping hand in many areas, all of which goes well beyond any Letter I can write.

Although Tim is stepping down, he will not be leaving the Club.  You will still see him around, although now hopefully just being able to enjoy himself with a Pint, the Matches and the Club.

I will still lean on Tim for advice from time to time and knowing Tim, I am sure I will receive it!!!

As far as Club business, we all know that the AGM is here and Director Nominations have to be in to the Secretary by tomorrow.  Therefore, I will follow with a Letter on who the current Board has asked to Step Up and run with us for the Board as role of President.

But, this Letter is about Tim Williams.

Tim, On behalf of the Board, Players, Staff, and all its Members, I Thank You for everything you have done for Guildford Rugby Club!!

All the best


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