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Guildford Rugby Football Club


Chairman’s Letter – 11th Septeber 2020

Dear Members,

I hope all are doing well and enjoyed the Summer.

I know most of us are getting kids ready for school and preparing for the unknown circumstances, and hoping to find some normalcy.

I hope the best for all of you and your families.

I am writing this Letter today to update you all on some major steps and changes the Board has made.

First, Roy O’Brien will be stepping down from the Board as Commercial Director.  However, Roy will still stay on to help us with the store.

I would like to Thank Roy for his dedication and time that he put into the Board and his continued support of the Club.

I am happy to announce that Darren O’Reilly, otherwise known as Welshy, will be taking over as Commercial Director and joining the Board.

Welshy has been a big part of the Club for quite some time and helps manage the Vets.  He has been generous with the Club in many ways and has already worked successfully to bring in some new Sponsors.  Welshy will gradually take over the role over the next couple of months and work to develop and help grow our Commercial efforts.

As part of Commercial, I would also like to announce that Sarah White is joining the Guildford Rugby Club staff and working in Commercial reporting to Welshy.

Sarah is a local resident of Farncombe and we are excited to bring her energy and expertise to helping grow our commercial side of Guildford Rugby Club.

For transparency, I will add that I am personally paying for and guaranteeing Sarah’s salary so there is no risk to the Club and only upside benefits.

Additionally, The Board has decided to create another Board position.  We have decided to split the Treasurer’s Role into two, one being Treasurer of the Broadwater Sports Club and the other being Treasurer of the Broadwater Pavilion.  Nick Taft will be the Treasurer of the Broadwater Sports Club and Duncan Heyes will move over from Secretary and become the Treasurer of the Broadwater Pavilion.

With this move, the Board has added Karen Seymour to the Board to become the new Secretary.  Karen as well has been an integral part of the Club for some time.   She has been Co-Chair of the Youths and also is a member of the newly founded Sage Committee.

Also, I would like to announce that the Board has made Sally Iddles the Director of the Broadwater Pavilion and she will oversee our Catering, Function and Events operations at the Club.  Sally comes with years of experience in this field and has already been consulting and helping us with our operations over the past couple of years.

Personally, I am extremely excited for these new additions, as are the rest of the Board.  We are always trying to improve the Club and our efforts.  Adding a seat to the Board helps the Board become more efficient in managing the finances and operations of the Club.  Additionally, adding staff to the Commercial Department and also bringing in someone to oversee our Banquet/ Catering operations will help further manage and grow major revenue streams for the Club.

I want to Thank Welshy and Karen for joining the Board and making the commitment to the Club.   I would also like to Thank Sarah and Sally for taking on their new roles with the Club as well.

We will follow with updates on the Rugby front, but I wanted to send this Letter separately updating you all on our new additions and changes.

Lastly, I would like to Thank all Members who have responded to the request to renew and pay your Membership Fees.

I would like to remind anyone who hasn’t that if they can do so, it’s a great benefit to the Club at such a time.

As always, please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or concerns.

All the best


Our Sponsors and Supporters