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Chairmans AGM letter

Dear Fellow Members

I hope all are well and enjoying a great Rugby Season

As we all know, the AGM is upon us and I just wanted to send out a note to all regarding.

This year, there are a couple of people who want to stand for some positions held by a couple of our Board Members and run against them.

I welcome members getting involved in the Club, encourage it and in fact I mention it in every single letter I send out to Members.  
There are many ways to get involved from volunteering, joining committees, etc.

The individuals wanting to stand have been committed members of the Club for a long time and I applaud their involvement in the Club.

However, I write this letter to show support for the Board Members they are running against for multiple reasons.

I know most Members don’t really know what goes on at the Board level or behind the scenes. I believe it would surprise people with the effort and time that goes into the operation. The Board has been able to have a tremendous amount of success over the last two years ranging from expanding the Rugby play, refurbed facilities, to a major shift in the financial position of the Club I will be the first to say how happy I am with what has been achieved, and also the first to say it is a team effort, and both Board Members being run against are vital to the Club’s success.

The first I would like to mention is Duncan Heyes, our Secretary, whom I believe is one of the most important people at the Club and certainly the biggest help to me personally. I couldn’t begin to describe all that he does for the Club, as it ranges across all aspects.  I can’t stress enough the commitment, dedication and effort he produces.  Yet, he is never looking for attention or gratitude.  Always makes the effort simply for the best interest of the Club.

The second is Skippy (Chris Alder), our Director of Sport.
Skippy’s passion for the Club dates to his childhood.  I believe he was 7 when he started here.   He played all the way through the ranks and still makes an effort to get out there to play. Skippy’s passion drives his commitment and time that he puts into the Club. Skippy has done everything I could possibly ask for.  He has strived to increase communication across all aspects of Rugby, and better our efforts.  His input and effort is not only in Rugby but he as well gets involved with many aspects of the Club, for example helping with fundraising and taking charge of the City Lunches. Skippy is vital to the Club and Board and is a major asset to all.

I know the First team has had a difficult year, and unfortunately that will happen.  When it does, people like to point fingers.  I can say Skippy is not to blame for difficulty on the Pitch and if anyone needs to point a finger, point it at me, as ultimately it is my responsibility.

I ask all of you to recognize these two assets to the Club and please support them at the AGM with your votes, as I can’t stress enough their importance and benefit to not only the Board but also the Club.

On a side note and as some of you already know, unfortunately my Dad is very ill.  At 84years old, he had a major heart attack, 3 surgeries and pneumonia all in a period of 3 weeks.  I have been trying to spend as much time as possible by his bedside and I regret that I will not be able to be there in person at the AGM.

But again, I ask you all for your support at the AGM and I look forward to seeing you all at the Club.

All the best

[email protected]

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