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A Boy In The Water by Tom Gregory

Former GRFC 3rd Team Captain, GRFC Vets and Proud Parent to 2 GRFC Micro Lions
A Boy In The Water is an engaging and beautifully written account of Tom’s phenomenal achievement.
A Must Read!

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A Word From The Author
“I would just like to offer my sincere thanks for all the support from our club and community for #A Boy In The Water.
When I was tapping it out on the daily commute I never thought it would a) be published. b) be Radio 4 Book of the Week, and c) get long-listed for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2018.
The interest from people has been overwhelming and I am hugely grateful.
This story is about something we all understand at GRFC; the power of good coaching, the thrill of chasing your dreams, and the amazing things that kids can do with a bit of encouragement.
I hope you enjoy reading it. If you are a Child of the 80s, I also hope it brings back some happy memories and a bit of nostalgia too.
All my thanks, Tom”
About The Author
Tom is a member of Guildford Rugby Club and former GRFC 3rd Team Skipper and an occasional Veteran. Although he has since hung up his boots, rugby is still a prominent feature in the Gregory household where daughters Rosie and Beatrice are following in their Dad’s footsteps on dry land as GRFC Micro Lions.
Tom was the youngest ever to successfully swim The Channel at the age of 11 – a record that will never be taken away from him as cross channel swimmers have now have to be +16yrs. Typically Tom has been extremely modest about this incredible achievement – verging on the secretive – until the BBC blew his cover with a Radio 4 interview two years ago.
Tom’s account of his life as the youngest ever cross channel swimmer is a fascinating read and will resonate with any parent, coach and sportsman alike.
I’ll not spoil the story here…Buy the book!

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