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Dear Fellow Members,

Last week, I wrote you all a Letter about the positive things going on at the Club.

Unfortunately this week, I am writing to you for completely different reasons and in a completely unprecedented time.

We are all going through a terrible time, something that was unimaginable to all of us, even just a few weeks ago. 

Our priorities are always family first, and to keep them safe.  I pray for all of you and your families.

Unfortunately, not only has this Coronavirus situation affected us all personally, it has had some devastating effects on our Club, both for Rugby and also the financial stability of the Club

First is Rugby.  Skippy has already sent a note out to all advising that all Rugby play has been suspended.  In all likelihood, this will mean the season is over for all.

Skippy will start sending out regular comms to all, informing on any updates, processes set up for next year, and the plans being put into place.

The second reason for the Letter is to explain the financial impact this all has on the Club.

As you all know, our Club survives on some Sponsors, Donations and Event revenue.

We all see the News every minute of the day talking about the Virus and we all watch the constant updates and changes to policy being made.

Because of the situation, most Events have cancelled, and the larger ones being mandated.   This causes a dire situation financially for the Club over the short term foreseeable future.

The Board has been meeting with management regularly and taking immediate steps to cut costs.  These steps include grounds maintenance, subscriptions, cleaning, staffing, etc.  

It’s a vast cut back and an essentially full cut back of all operations.

If we can have Events we will support them.  But again, revenue from the facility will essentially come to a halt.

Even with all these cutbacks, the Club will still have prior bills to be paid for services already done and bills to just exist, such as utilities, insurance, etc.

So, as a Member Club, I need to ask ALL Members to come together as a Community and for those who can, to please donate anything you can to the Club to help it survive and get through this tough time.

Personally, I have committed to increasing my donations to the Club.  But, the burden needs to be shouldered by all and I ask for your help.

Whatever you can give will do a long way.  If every Member who can donates, we will be fine.

Liz Lowndes and team are setting up ways to donate, such as Just Giving, etc. I will follow up this Letter with all the details once they are in place.

You can also reach out to Liz at  [email protected], or Nick Taft at [email protected] for information.

From the bottom of my heart, I Thank all of you for your generosity.

The Board will be sending out regular communication to all to update on our situation.

For now, I truly wish everyone the best during these tough times.

But we will all come out of it better and hopefully more together!!

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns

God Bless

All the best


Our Sponsors and Supporters