Guildford Rugby Football Club


Scrumptious has landed!

Our Clubs new outside catering van ‘Scrumptious’ is up and running, its first rugby club role out at the weekend proved to be a huge success!. Saturday match days it will be serving usual matchday fare, lager, beer, and cider available. On Sundays, the focus changes to the youth and minis with a totally different offering of tea, coffee Juices and a host of other delicious pitch side beverages and snacks. Enjoy, its all Scrumptious!
Tea & Coffee £1.40
Flavoured Teas £1.50
Cappuccino £2.00
Apple Or Orange Juice £1.50
Toasted Tea CakeWith Butter & Jam £2.50
ToastWith Butter And Jam Or Marmite £1.50
Delicious SliceOf Homemade Cake £2.00 
CrepesChocolate/strawberry/caramel Sauce £2.00
Fresh Filled RollsVariety Of Fillings £2.00
Porridge PotsVariety Flavours £1.50

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